David Hunt Furs and Leather Storage

Storage requirements for furs are more demanding that just home storage. This is why David Hunt Furs made the commitment of installing a state of the art secured storage vault in their store.

Furs need to be stored in “cold” storage. It is very important to control temperature and humidity levels during the warm summer months. Ideal temperatures conditions for fur storage are 50°F and 50% relative humidity. The cool temperatures prevent the skin from drying and cracking. It also aids in maintaining the glaze applied during cleaning.

Another preventative for storing your furs at David Hunt Furs is the prevention of larvae growth within the fur. While cold storage will not kill moth larvae, the cold temperature will hold insect life dormant.

One of the most important factors of storing your furs is humidity. Excessive humidity will manifests itself into a musty or moldy odor and in some instances, into actual growth of mildew. It may also cause damage by absorbing moisture resulting in shrinkage, distortion and stiffening of the pelt. Low humidity is equally harmful since dry air may draw moisture and natural oils from the pelts and fur hairs.

David Hunt Furs knows how to protect your investment and is professionally trained to help you avoid any of the mentioned conditions. So contact us and we will keep your furs looking new.