Service at its Finest

Owning and wearing fur during the winter is great fun, but during the warm months your beautiful fur has to be properly cared for.


Storage is very important! We store your fur in our climate-controlled fur vault at 50°F and 50% humidity. This represents the perfect conditions where no oxidation takes place.


Glazing is the most important part of fur care. Glazing is re-conditioning your fur every off-season. This keeps the fur moist and supple so that it doesn’t dry out. Oxidation occurs at a faster pace when your fur is dry, so keep it glazed every year!


Cleaning is very important also. Cleaning removes anything that gets down inside your fur. The under hair of fur is a favorite place for moths to lay larvae, so have it cleaned every year!


Remember, we pickup and deliver in Fort Worth — and receive and ship via UPS elsewhere — so call us today!