Here we have a list of our most Frequently asked questions, broken down by topic.
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Topic: Mink Quality
Q: How do I tell quality of a mink coat?

A: The quality of a mink is determined by the quality of the design, pelts and workmanship. The design must allow a proper fit and enhance your feel and look – reflecting your lifestyle. The pelts must be well-matched, light weight, supple, even in size and reflect a rich sheen. The workmanship must create even sewn seams and cuts are to be mostly invisible under normal conditions.
David Hunt Furs only offers high-end levels of furs. Come visit our show room to witness the quality workmanship first hand.

Topic: Fur Care

Q: How do I care for my Mink coat and jacket?

A: Store your mink coat or jacket with a professional furrier like David Hunt Furs in the early spring each year. Have us condition: clean and glaze it while it is in storage each year – no matter how often you wore it over the winter months.

Topic: Proper Storage

Q: Can I store my Mink garment or other fur at home since I have air conditioning?

A: No. Homes with air conditioning generally have too much humidity, which often dries out the pelts. David Hunt Furs has a state of the art temperature controlled and secured storage vault. Offering the perfect conditions keeps your fur in mint condition.

Topic: Cleaning and Conditioning

Q: How often should my fur be cleaned and conditioned?

A: Your valuable mink as well as most other furs should be cleaned, conditioned, and glazed at least once a year, to prevent them from drying out.
David Hunt Furs offers these unique services performed by a highly trained professional staff.

Topic: Fur Appraisals

Q: Can you Appraise my fur?

A: Yes, David Hunt Furs will thoroughly inspect your fur and issue a written appraisal for your insurance, resale or estate purposes.
For a service fee we make sure you get an accurate value of your investment.

Topic: The time to purchase a fur

Q: Will I know the time to purchase a fur?

A: Yes, when you start attending social gatherings and the people around you are wearing elegant furs. Even to less than gala events you will start to see more and more young professionals embellished in the distinctive tastes of elegant furs.
David Hunt Furs offers a large selection of the latest styles and colors and will gladly assist you in choosing the right selection. You, too, will be the one everyone else will notice.

Topic: Gift Certificates

Q: Does David Hunt Furs offer Gift Certificates?

A: Yes, there is no better gift to give your loved one for that special occasion or “just because”. A Gift Certificate from the David Hunt Furs Salon will give in return a memorable experience.
Contact us for more details.

Topic: Age to purchase a fur

Q: For what age can I purchase a fur or leather item?

A: David Hunt Furs can provide a distinctive fur, leather or accessories for all ages in the latest styles and colors.